How You Can Help

Funding is one of the most important requirements for this Foundation to achieve its purpose. Accordingly, RAZIELA would depend on various legitimate sources to fund itself. Our primary source of income would be individuals and/or organizations like churches, government and non-governmental organization, banks and other companies carrying on legitimate business who would like to commit to the objectives of the organization as partners. We have three categories of individual participation:


You may sponsor a child through a particular level of education with an option to continue to the next level. Raziela shall be responsible for sending periodic reports to such partners to update them on their ward.



You may choose to commit to giving a specific amount of money to the foundation regularly and at stipulated times.



You may choose not to partner with us but prefer to give a one-off financial gift from time to time.


For organizations that would like to partner with us, we would prefer for them to commit to making financial contributions instead of sponsoring a child.

We are driven by knowledge and positive values

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