Raziela is guided by its constitution and a Board of Trustees that enforce strict compliance with the constitution as well as all laws of the land and government regulations. The trustees are:

We also have an advisory committee that is very committed to the work of Raziela Foundation which currently has 6 members. They are Tosin David, Femi monehim, Osayi Alile–Oruene, Femi Awoyinfa, Dokpe Omayuku and Maureen Ikeneku.

Our head office is in Lagos from where all our activities are coordinated in our various zones working with the coordinators in these zones. Our coordinators are full time staff and are also seasoned educationists. We have 3 zones currently (Warri zone, Eket zone and Ondo zone). In each zone, we also have mentors; these are volunteers who provide mentoring for the grantees.

Mentors are well meaning people who are willing to give of themselves and time so as to give required attention to mentoring a child with a view to preparing them to be responsible adults eventually. Every mentor would have successfully gone through our mentor screening process.

We are driven by knowledge and positive values

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