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That Raziela foundation is giving hope to the hopeless is not just a cliché. The light of hope in the eyes of Endurance says it all. His case has gotten worse but he tenaciously holds on to the hope that the Raziela vision is going to take him out of his present situation. This has spured him on to try and do better in school.

When we visited Endurance in his home last Friday, it was to find that he is once more home alone. The uncle’s “wife” had moved out with her baby, abandoning the house and Endurance, while the uncle was out of town. On questioning Endurance he confirmed that he’s been living in the house alone for two weeks. The neighbours all confirmed this. On how he’d been getting food to eat for the period, we found that it was the goodwill of various neighbours who gave him whatever they could. I guess the assurance of his daily meal in school kept him going as well. The school environment has become one that he looks forward to as a place of joy and succour from the unpleasant realities of his home. When we picked him from school, he was happy and chatty, talking about his performance that day. But as we got closer to his home one could sense the change in his mood to one of sadness and forebording. But despite all, he is hopeful…

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